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A tool for modelling and analysis of Covid passenger risk

Sophisticated modelling and AI interprets the full spectrum of datasets and risk parameters to deliver unique insight and a consistent approach to effective and sustainable air corridors

Supporting the development of consistent, effective policies to:

  • Minimise public health risk
  • Maximise the recovery of Aviation

Data analysis and intelligence from world-leading data scientists and medical experts.

A demonstrably effective approach to managing Covid health risks associated with international travel.


Infection prevalence and impact

Policy risk analysis

Reliable, comprehensive ‘source of truth’ based on global infection rates and risk


Comprehensive in-depth view of global infection threats, rates and risks

Intelligence updated continually with latest/new datasets


Risk insight and control of imported  infection within domestic populations

Targeted, proactive action informed by data-led reports and insight


Safe international travel, informed by infection risk and in-country policy change data

Increased passenger confidence in international travel


Safe, sustainable air corridors

Increasing passenger traffic and volumes

Economic recovery


Infection ‘source of truth’ for global Aviation

Real time country analysis of infection prevalence/risk

Optimal test, vaccination and quarantine approaches; test method efficiency (right test at the right time)

Impact of in-country Covid management policies


Comprehensive data sets – including all flights, passengers, crew, operations, logistics

Country-specific infection rates – departure & destination

Current travel rules and restrictions by country

Test type efficacy and results; vaccination data


Demonstrable and significant reduction in infection risk from international air travel

Supports creation and application of consistent global travel policies

Increases confidence to aid recovery international travel (Sustainable Air Corridors)

Supporting public health and economic recovery

Working with governments, industries, commercial organisations and other stakeholders – with the common aim of supporting global public health, industry sustainability and economic recovery

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